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Welcome to The Desert Scene, the Coachella Valley's premier audio program dedicated to showcasing the vibrant local arts, entertainment, and cultural scene. Join us as we bring you multiple interviews each week with the talented individuals who are making this region a haven for creativity and expression. From producers and actors to singers, writers, crafters, and more, we delve into the stories behind the people who contribute to the valley's diverse and arts-rich environment, ensuring residents and guests have access to unforgettable experiences.   Hosted by longtime Valley resident, journalist, and entertainer Bonnie G., The Desert Scene provides an insider's perspective on the local arts scene. Every Monday, we release new episodes that capture the essence of the region, featuring engaging conversations with talented artists, behind-the-scenes glimpses into productions, and thought-provoking discussions about the intersection of creativity and community. Tune in here or on your favorite podcast platform to stay connected with the pulsating heartbeat of art and culture in the Coachella Valley.

This Week's Podcasts

David Eggers, Director & Choreographer

On this episode of The Desert Scene, Bonnie G. welcomes David Eggers, Director/Choreographer of Nice Work If You Can Get It at CV Rep. David tells us about his career path and the challenges of successfully moving a cast of 17 around the stage.  


Steve Fisher, Artistic Director

Bonnie G. chats with Steve Fisher, Artistic Director of Script2Stage2Screen on this edition of The Desert Scene. He outlines the remaining season and explains why the company has decided to bring down the final curtain. 


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